About Southeast Land Trust:

Southeast Land Trust is a small, local company that works with people in Bradley, Hamilton, Polk and McMinn counties who want to sell their property.  We are a family run operation, that does not rely on fancy advertising or marketing gimmicks to lure in property owners.  We like to keep it simple: if you would like to sell your property, we would like to talk with you!  Please call or email for more information.  We will get in touch with you quickly.

Ross Boucher has been a high school coach, college coach and athletic director for 25 years.

He has also been involved in all phases of investment real estate during that time.  He has helped several people get out of tough situations and is ready to help you as well!

Ross lives in Cleveland, Tennessee with wife Jill..who is a nurse at the Hamilton County Homeless Medical Clinic.

His son Trever owns Alpha Pools where he maintains and builds pools.  His daughter Britanny lives in Newark NJ with her two sons Ivan and Elliot..her husband Leo is Director of Sales for the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Red Devils.

What to expect from Southeast Land Trust:  

The process is quick and easy!  After contacting SLT and providing information specific to the property youwould like to sell, you will receive a cash offer in 48 hours or less.  Once a purhcased price is agreed upon and the sale contract completed, SLT will order the title work.  Typically, the title work takes 5-7 days; then we are ready to close!  If you are living in the property, SLT can work with your specific situation to give you enough time to relocate.  In some cases, you may even be able to stay in your home!

Call Southeast Land Trust Today! 423-521-2567

The Pros & Cons Of Selling Your House To A Local
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Get the FREE Guide and then give us a call at (423) 521-2567 and we’ll discuss what your home is worth and what we can offer to buy it for with our Cash Offer Program.